How can I help

We believe the best way to help is by sponsoring individual children, enabling them to go to school to become educated. Families must pay for their children to attend school. Sadly, most families are not wealthy enough to afford the school fees. Therefore, about 80 % of the Nepali people can not read or write. In the mountainous areas, there simply are no schools, or the nearest school is too far away. In Nepal, uneducated parents have menial jobs and make very little money. They have a difficult time supporting their families. Often, children are required to work to suppliment the family income. Many girls end up in brothels in India. A similar situation is found in India because the illiteracy rate is very high, despite it being more developed than Nepal. Illiteracy in India is 50 % with the majority being women. The fundamental issue in developing countries is education. Both countries offer people to fill vocational jobs, such as automobile mechanics, repairmen,and electricians for men. Nursing and teaching for women are in demand. There is also a need for doctors, dentists and other academic professionals. The projects sponsored by KNI are audited yearly, thus ensuring the monies are properly spent. If sponsor desires direct contact with the child they are sponsoring, KNI will support and encourage this effort.