Buddha Academy (Nepal)

Kinderhilfe Nepal Indien For less than 2,– US $ a day you can give a child at Buddha Academy a brighter future. A donation of only 50,– US $ each month will provide housing, clothing, food, medical care, and last but not least, a good education. For more information, go to www.bmch.edu.np.

Village Literacy Project in Sarnath India

This project was founded by Dr. Abhaya Kumar Jain, an Indian who lives with his family in Sarnath. Each day he was confronted with the poverty of the Indian farmers and their families who lived in small villages around Sarnath. He decided to take action by creating local village schools that are free to the families. The children are taught basic mathematics, reading and writing by a femal teacher in an attempts to open doors for educated women. Dr. Jain hires them as teachers. A contribution of only 10 US$ each month will pay for a child to participate in this literacy Project. Donations can be sent to KNI, who will forward the money to the Literacy Project. Also, a KNI member will occasinally deliver the donations personally.